House Lifting is the process of vertically lifting the complete structure of a home or dwelling above base flood elevation to prevent recurring damage or devastation due to flooding.


  • A Sales Rep visits to educate the customer on the process and determine is if Certificate Of Elevation is required
  • A diagram for footprint of the home is prepared to depict the amount of pilings needed to support the home.
  • The pilings is placed on a 6 ft. grid under the house.
  • Once the pilings are driven to the point of refusal under the house, then the the Hydraulic Lift System is set up.


  • The Hydraulic Lift System (A series of hydraulic rams and hoses) is brought out to the house on a large trailer and backed into the driveway.
  • The rams are attached to a manifold which allows the house to be lifted all at once.

This process is the best way to minimize damage to the house, especially cosmetically to the interior.

Post lifting process

  • All under slab plumbing will be disconnected before the lift and will be reconnected after the process.
  • As the house is being lifted it will be cribbed by using 6 inch by 6 inch lumber sections to ensure the safety of the job.
  • After the house lift is completed the cribbing material is removed and backfilling of tunnels will occur.
  • If a house is lifted more than two feet, in most cases something resembling a wall to cover void under the house or excess dirt can be brought in to cover up the void.