Icons for concepts as unique as

Icons For Cloudsway

We have discreetly designed a set of icons for CLOUDSWAY which is adaptive to all the responsive platforms, be it your laptop, desktop or your smartphone. The application contains more than 60 unique icons which makes the application easy to use yet classy. The icons were designed in such a way so as to meet the requirements of the application. The features of the icons were created thoughtfully.

Icons For Gravity

We have creatively designed a set of icons for, GSphere, which is a financial application. To make the application look more alluring to the users. So, we gave the icons a pop-up effect and added colors to them. The dark color in the background was plunked in the app so as to highlight the icons even more. The style of the icons makes the application look eye-catching and different from the mainstream. The application was well appreciated by the client.