Build Business & Become a Brand: Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience With Web Design

Build Business & Become a Brand: Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience With Web Design

Whether you own a company, run a shop, provide a freelance service, or are into teaching, you are in the market which solely functions on a cult-like following around your product. The best way to expand your brand globally is through well put together website.

8 seconds! It takes only 8 seconds to trap your user and convert it into a lead. In these 8 seconds, your website needs to speak for your brand, how good your service/product and why they should make a purchase. 

Scary? But not impossible. The Dreamer Designs has already fought this battle infinite times. With stellar UI/UX designs and high-conversion landing pages. Moreover, having access to custom design themes on WordPress enables them to outshine your business exclusively. 

How do we do that? The golden rule is to provide a better customer experience than your competitors. 

Here are some secret tips which we follow at The Dreamer Designs to convince users to engage with your website

1. Engaging Homepage

Your homepage makes a great place to start when analyzing the initial impression of your website. No user will spend more than 2 seconds on your website with poor design and cluttered content. Thus failing to grasp the value you have to offer.

To proffer your brand value and leave a strong impression, our designers ensure to design a clean and uncluttered layout.  Making it convenient for both desktop and mobile versions, the layouts include graphics with eye-catching images and bold text. Plus, decking it up with a color palette that reflects your brand’s vision and ideology. 

2. Serve what users are looking

The navigation bar is the guiding map for the visitors to your website. The prime tool for them to explore, engage and move their way through your site. A navigation bar single-handedly makes or breaks your website bounce rate and affects your traffic and SEO ranking. 

Thus, making it our core responsibility to design and develop to make it intuitive and effortless to use. 

Imagine a user landing on your website with content as heavy as if reading a blog or, in some cases, a book. Wunh-wuh! You lost another potential lead. No user likes to read it all. They gaze down and scan for bits of knowledge.  

We ​​align and arrange all the headlines, product categories, and announcements to be simple to view and even simpler to read.

3. Accessible to multiple platforms

Over the past two years, mobile traffic has increased dramatically, and the trajectory does not appear to be changing anytime in the near future. Thus, responsive designs have become the need of the hour for actively tapping on mobile users. 

Social media and other online channels are the best tools to connect with your customers. This enables you to create a sense of community and make your business more approachable. 

This helps us to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. Further, we inculcate and provide clear contact information, including a phone number and email address. But make sure we can design and develop but responding promptly to customer inquiries has to be done actively from your end.


One of the crucial elements in the marketing of your website, web design is always effective at boosting conversion rates. You can retain visitors and increase conversion rates by having an alluring, appealing, and simple website. 

There is much more to website design than just aesthetics. Let the masters do the work while you reap the benefits of your lead and grow your business.