Divi, web designers’ favorite in 2020

If you have been around web designing for the past few years, you might be familiar with the name Divi.

Divi is a theme, introduced by the Elegant Themes, that helps you create a website, effortlessly. Easy would be an understatement. It provides you with simple steps that let you create both a complex and simple website. Yes, a website of any size and focus using Divi. It carries various plugins that could take the performance of your website up a notch. In 2020, Divi was one of the favorite themes of web designers. You would wonder, just because it lets you create a website easily doesn’t mean it is the best. Read ahead to find out why it was the favorite.

The global pandemic made it necessary for businesses to go online in 2020, and if they had to stay in business and not incur a loss, it needed to be done immediately.

Divi helps create websites easily and here are a few reasons why Divi web designers love it.

1. Allows you to create a visual layout

When creating a website, many of our clients ask us to make it personalized. Divi lets you customize every minute detail, from the colors to fonts, from motifs to logo placement. Divi lets you customize everything and bring out exactly what clients ask for, pretty easily. Also, it lets you view the changes you have made immediately, to see if you need to make any further changes.

2. Facilitates translation

Divi lets you translate the website into 32 languages, with English being the original one.

3. 2020 and everything going online

The global pandemic had paused many businesses irrespective of the goods and services they provided. Ultimately, they all found their way to get back to business, going online. When small businesses were going online, Divi made it easier to create small, simple websites that fit their brand. Hence, 2020 saw a huge hike in the number of Divi designers.

4. Speed of loading

Divi is quick, and images and texts load quicker. Prompt loading of the website helps keep the visitors rooted, thus increasing the rate of conversion.

5. Responsive website, check

According to research, most internet users access it using their mobile phones. This has made it highly necessary to have a responsive website because more than half the people that visit your website use a cell phone. A responsive website is one that would adapt to the screen size of the device that is used. Divi enables you to create a responsive website effortlessly. Plus, Divi has also made it possible to customize the website. Responsive websites are Google and other search engines approved.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is necessary to bring traffic to your website. Divi lets you optimize your website for search engines easily. This helps to create an SEO friendly website that brings in more traffic.

7. Security

Divi and its developers have clarified that they prioritize security, and for the same, they have collaborated with the experts at Sucuri. These experts regularly analyze websites to ensure security.

Creating a complex website with lots of functions and plugins would need an expert Divi web designer with many years of experience. You can get your website designed by us. With over 15 years of experience in designing, our firm was able to undertake a lot of Divi web designs in 2020. It lets us create a perfect website for our clients that goes well with their brand, easily!

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