For the Entrepreneurs: Here’s how to maintain your website

By now, it’s no secret that your website forms your first impression towards your audience. Now, would you want it to be established through an outdated website that loads slowly or has broken links?
It’ll do your business more harm than you could fathom. It’ll give out the impression that you’re least bothered about the user experience on your website. Now, this is something you don’t want.

Your website must portray your strongest points that make it irresistible. Hence, only getting it designed well won’t work. To keep it in the best functioning form, you must keep it maintained as well. Your inevitable step towards a stunning website will be keeping every element in its best phase.


Want to know how to make sure of it?
Here are a few tips we handpicked for you to keep your website on top:

1. Updates and plugins

Were you under the impression that plugins update on their own? Well, now take note that they don’t. Not only will they slow down your page, but will also make scope for cyber issues. Make it a regular habit to check for updates of all the plugins and make sure they don’t hamper the performance of your new plugins as well.

2. Keep a backup- don’t risk losing your website

We always keep a backup for all our important files and documents, in case we were to lose them.
Isn’t that more crucial for your website? If your website broke, it would be the biggest issue.
Keeping a backup will save you from misery. It is always better to be cautious beforehand than to regret it later.

3. Broken links repel

Yes, it’s true. There is nothing more convenient for them than to be able to make minor changes themselves. Imagine not feeling the need to turn to the What is the worst thing that can happen to a consumer? It’s to find a link to the product they have been waiting for and confronting a broken link instead. That one broken link will create a bad experience for users & will bring the ranking of your website down.
No matter if your website has a few pages or if it’s a large one, check for broken links regularly. There are various tools that let you indemnify them. Ensure proper functioning of all the links on your website for a smooth user experience and high google rankings.

4. Secure your website

If your website is not secure, you might get to maintain it.
This is a tip that isn’t taken seriously by a lot of people but it’s absolutely essential to make sure your website isn’t accessed from outside the company.
Shuffling the passwords should enter your list of agendas every few months. And of course, the smart move would be to make it unique and complex every time.

5. Prompt page speed

The speed of your web pages really affects the consumer satisfaction on your website. And while the motive is to make their experience a delight, it becomes essential to make sure your web pages work swiftly.
Obviously, it’ll start with identifying the causes of a slow webpage. There are tools to identify all of them and get them fixed. Make sure your website designer knows of them and keeps a check on the speed.

6. Guard against cybercrime

If you have a small website, you may be under the illusion that the hackers won’t be inclined towards your website. But, that’s definitely not the case. They are inclined towards the easiest of the websites to infiltrate and not the biggest ones.
Are you prepared enough to defend yourself against it?
A minor crack will take your website down. It’s crucial to leave nothing unnoticed. Of course, there are tools to identify infiltration on your website. Make it a habit to win them periodically and get rid of all the unwanted or unknown files.
Also, always take a back up after the scan comes clear.


7. Make it look good

While it is established that your website puts out your first impression in front of the audience, you cannot afford to have it give out a bad one.
A human eye gets attracted to what it sees and that is what forms an impression. It implies that whatever the audience sees, it has to be eye-pleasing. Even if it works effortlessly, you have to put in all the efforts when it comes to the design. The graphics should be attractive and modern.


8. Optimize SEO

Everything becomes worthless if your website isn’t receiving the traffic it deserves.
Whose fault is that? Well, it’s your responsibility to make sure your website doesn’t suffer. Optimize the SEO for your website and get the traffic flowing on it. The inflow of targeted audiences will push your success out of bounds.


9. Bring the content to perfection

The content on your website becomes your mode of communication with the audience. Will you always say the same thing?
Obviously, not! It has to be effective, interactive, engaging, prompt, and should be updated whenever needed.
It must have elements like videos, gifs, graphics, etc. Along with it, it must be proofread several times. Any typo, grammatical error, or plagiarism will not put out a good word for you.

10. Social Media

Is the information enough for the audience to develop trust in your brand? No, it’s not. You need more platforms to create an impact on them. Social media is the way to go. The kind of engagement it creates can’t be done via any other platform. It makes it easier for the audience to reach you and unlike the website, the communication turns into a two-way street.
Various platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are free outlets for you to engage your audience.

These are a few tips we swear by to keep your website in its best version. The next step is to take action on the advice.

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