How Creating Personas Leads to Better User Experience

A buyer persona can be defined as the description of your targeted audience. This fictional buyer is developed with all the characteristics of your potential customers. This persona is created to understand the demographic better and assess their buying patterns to plan your marketing strategies. By giving them characteristics, goals, and hard limits helps make marketing more effective. Since different groups of potential buyers behave differently, companies have more than one buyer persona. A group of your customers could be young adults, while some are adults in their prime. Some could be are employed, others might be still studying.

For eg. one of your persona could represent a group of athletes, in their mis 20s settled in some tropical place with an interest in adventure sports and travelling.

If you are not sure, you can get a review by experts at The Dreamer Designs.

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If you are not sure, you can get a review by experts at The Dreamer Designs.
Get your website audit done for FREE by a member of Young Jury at AWWWARDS

Now, here’s how you can create the best persona for a better buyer experience:

For improving your customers’ experiences, you need to understand their likes and dislikes. Understanding your audience by doing thorough research is highly necessary. This can be done by analyzing your existing customers and their pattern of buying. While analyzing customers certain things to be considered are their age, languages they speak, location, and interests. These factors can help you build the perfect persona for each group. If you are doing business with other businesses(B2B) then, you should also consider their size of business and have an understanding of their purchasing head.

Repeat after me, businesses thrive in competitions. If you are a business that’s looking to improve the buyer experience you provide, then look out for what your competitors are doing, what’s working for them and what went wrong with their strategies, and how things converted for them.

Study closely what your existing clients likes and dislikes, how they have perceived the products or services you provide. Understanding their previous behaviours will give you a general idea as to what to expect from potential customers.

Clients have various reasons for their likes, dislikes, choices, and behaviour. They might already have an idea about what they want from you. Understanding their goal regarding their purchase at your place can help you serve them better.

After doing all the research and understanding every aspect of your buyers that’ll determine your business, find common characteristics between the customers. This will create various groups with particular characteristics. Each group can be further developed into a buyer persona. For example, from a group of characters, you can develop.

a. A 20-year-old girl
b. Studying business
c. Lives in Toronto
d. Likes traveling
e. Like spending time with family on islands.

A clothing brand would know that this kind of person would like cozy, warm clothes because of their location, but would also buy swimwear during vacation.

This understanding can help improve the buyer experience.
Now that you know how buyer personas help your business, don’t waste any more time and start the research immediately to create a boom in your business.
You can even use hubspot’s free tool to create professional, customizable buyer personas in minutes.  

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