Tips to Prepare Powerful Presentation

PowerPoint presentations have taken over the business world. It has gotten so far that a PPT can make or break a business deal. Why does PowerPoint presentation hold so much power? Is it due to its ease to edit, add images and ease of usage? Or is it because of how a PPT can grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged?

It is probably due to all of the aforementioned facts. But how do you make sure your presentation has set the deal in your favour?

Here’s a few tips that you can use to prepare a powerful business presentation.


1. Keep your presentation consistent.

Elements such as the font, colour and background could be consistent no matter what the content is. For this purpose, a slide master could be used. 

2. Keep it simple.

While preparing a PowerPoint, being tempted to add a long paragraph is normal, but remember, keeping the words to minimum and adding only the important points is the right way to go about it.

3. Keep it formal.

Using animations and sound effects may seem interesting, but overdoing this may result in you not being taken seriously. 

4. Limit the number of slides.

Imagine, attending a conference, where the presenter constantly flips the slides. He is sure to lose his audience after a couple of minutes. Make sure to keep the number of slides to absolute minimum so as to keep the audience present. 

5. Ensure visibility.

Now this is something that never seems to go right. If you have a large audience, making sure that the slides are visible to all your audience is hard without seeming loud.

6. Personalised template.

Templates that are provided by the presentation software forces you to depend on the template made for someone else. These templates might not put light on your business brand. Using personalised templates is a great way to leave a good impression.

Now that we talked about the basics of making an impactful PPT, let’s talk about how to ace the presenting.

Presentation is for the audience.

Something that happens to even the most experienced presenter is reading from the presentation. What needs to be kept in mind is that you are presenting for the audience and not for yourself. Practice until each slide acts as a prompt for the presenter.

Do not turn your back.

The audience is not here to watch the back of your head. Never turn your back towards the audience. Sometimes, this can distract your audience and ruin the purpose of the presentation.


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In recent times, presentations have been the IT factor of achieving business deals. A well prepared PowerPoint presentation can give the impression that you are well put together and ready to tackle any mishaps that might come your way. Though PPTs are a necessity to convince your clients, preparing beforehand and having a clear idea about what needs to be done in times of adversities should be prioritized.

Remember, a well prepared PPT and a straight head can make even the babies understand your business proposal.

Happy presentation!!

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