Unbounce updated the pricing

No, we aren’t making this up.

We were as pleasantly surprised as you might be, and for such a cool platform to give out such lucrative features might be a little hard to believe without a catch – but honestly, there really isn’t one!

Another thing that you might wonder, is that –

Why is there an entire blog about a pricing plan?

It’s not like the first time that a digital marketing software ever did that anyway. But the truth is, these aren’t like any other plans that you might’ve seen.

But we’re here to talk about the change of plans that Unbounce has made in literally all of its offerings. Yes, the prices have changed too, but it has more to do with how they segregated their services into plans that literally speak to its correct user.

After the great success that this platform has witnessed, with its clientele, partnerships and revenue growth – somewhere this update was long overdue.

After over five years since its inception, the marketing industry had morphed itself into a much grander playground, and they felt that these changes needed to be addressed through more ‘value based solutions’.

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What is so unique about the Unbounce ‘Value-Based’ pricing though?

Now pricing is always dynamic and if you’ve used a bunch of different marketing softwares, you already might have an idea about how subjective the billing is to the services that you use. It can be your traditional SaaS brands that usually work with a cost plus pricing model, where they add the expenses that went in supplying the product itself and then their own margin to go along with it. The other type is usually the competitor pricing – here these software providers compare the rates of similar products as a comparison for theirs. Now the company considered these and claimed that these pricing models are quite imperfect, in that they don’t actually factor in the return on your investment. Here comes the concept behind the new Unbounce pricing This new value-based pricing is all about the quantifiable profits you reap from the product in the market, and setting the price in accordance to those pros. Basically, you are in the know of what you are receiving from the service you paid for.

This way the price of the software has much to do with the value it gives to your business, which they reckon should always be more than what you pay for. Taking the subjectivity away from the success one might get from using the software, making it fair for everyone.

The True Value Is In The Conversions You Get

Now these conversions that they promise aren’t another one of those estimated figures that are copy pasted from their best case users, but it is something they have worked over the years – to help you create the highest-converting campaigns.

We will now look at some focal values that were considered by Unbounce for new their pricing plan.

Saving Your Time :

This has always been a USP of this platform. The idea was to cut the time for making extremely stunning landing pages with the best of the graphics, optimizing time that you put in while making them. Moreover, they also provide the data collected from all these pages in a segregated manner back, to save the cumbersome scanning of responses for your teams.

Higher Conversions Than Ever :

After all, the end goal of making these pages is to increase the number of conversions – whether it is leads, sign-ups or more sales that you’re looking for, different categories will get you different amounts of traffic for your requirements.

The Features Of Your Dreams :

The flexibility here lies in the fact that you don’t have to worry about wanting to calculate the success analytics or their impact through other sources – you can just select the plan that has the features that you use frequently – some of these really do seal the deal.

Is It True About The Unlimited Landing Pages?

Yup, there’s no asterisks around that one. Something phenomenal about their new plans is the unlimited services section. And what’s more is that it doesn’t just end at unlimited landing pages – you also get unlimited pop ups, sticky bars, and client sub-accounts too.
These features do help keep the hesitance about the platform at bay, but there are many others that are included in the new plans that help set Unbounce a step ahead in the game.

Lo and Behold, The Four New Plans That Scale As You Grow

The fundamental benefit that these plans aim to achieve are simply the building blocks of your business growth – Conversions. But there are also other really interesting tools and features that make the deal even sweeter. Each of these plans are designed to address the needs of a certain kind of an Unbounce customer with their prominent features capped at each category’s true requirements.

 Read on to find which one fits your bill better –


This one is for those who are still testing the waters, to help them create landing pages that grab all the attention without the help of a developer. After all the unlimited feats, there’s much less left for a business of this scale to ask for.


This company recommended plan is created for the marketers to help them ease into the platform without burning a hole in their pocket to get the high-end features too. With most of the cool AI features included in it, this makes for the perfect way to explore the platform and scale as you grow.

Accelerate And Scale

These ones are for the marketing teams and agencies that truly mean business, you have a playground of domains and obviously, conversions – when you pay for these higher plans. The difference however lies in the traffic volume, with Scale bringing the heaviest of it to your pages. The special features that are included in these categories are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Advanced Targeting And Scheduling – the former letting you make agile mobile pages and the latter helps you sophistically customise the options and schedule the content strategically.

The list doesn’t quite end here – the cherry on top is their new suite of plans that they’re calling the Concierge Plans, that works with you one on one to get you on board and train you better. You can learn more about it on the new Unbounce pricing page.


But what if You already have an Unbounce account?

Now they will let you keep your plan that is active by the time the new ones roll out if you want to, for about two more years.

But to thank their OGs that have stuck around since 2010, they will migrate these elites to a very exclusive ‘Vintage plan’ to get them some cool benefits with the equal (or maybe even lesser) price that they have been paying.

Still a little confused?

If even after reading it all about these pricing plans, you think that you’re not sure in how to go about it and you’re still looking for some more leverage – like you know, probably an amazing treat from our side too? – then as Unbounce partners, we do in fact have something in store for you.

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