Ways in Which Landing Pages Can Drive Your Business

Landing pages have been around for a very long time and chances are that you’ve already heard a bit about what they do. To begin with, a landing page is different from a website, it’s a specifically designed page to increase sales, capture leads, or push a product out there into the world. 

If you’re not getting conversions via landing pages, chances are, you’re doing something wrong. This article will cover a few important points with proof to show you how a landing page can help a business like yours. Read on to understand how you can use landing pages to drive your business further. 

Landing pages are created with a specific purpose in mind. The purpose could range from capturing the contact information of visitors, building a large following, promoting a product or showcasing a sale offer. With a purpose defined, you can start focusing on other aspects of your landing page, ranging from the CTA to the design, all of which play a role in driving conversions.

As a business owner, you would want to get conversions at some point of time. Creating a landing page at that time is important. Listed below are various situations where launching a specific landing page for a special purpose can drive your business further and faster than the competition.


Businesses with segments & variations in the product

If you are in a business where you sell similar products with slight variations, a landing page can help you in targeted marketing. You can create landing pages for both variations and promote both pages in front of two segments of users. For example in a car sales business you can have focussed landing page for a particular car and another landing page for its variant. That will help you target only those looking for that car on your website and increase the chances of sales.

Beneficial for: Automobiles, electronics, design & software development, machinery & equipment, accessories & clothes, sports equipment etc

Industries where speed matters

Don’t send your users looking for products – they might get lost exploring your website. Instead, push the product via a particular landing page. This will allow users to quickly find and read about the specific offering without having to look for it themselves. This also increases your chances of providing information to your users very quickly and efficiently. 

Beneficial for: Medical professionals, lawyers, bail bond agents, dealing in products with a price below USD 10, event tickets, travel tickets etc

If your product is quite technical

If you have a product or service with technical specifications, a landing page that provides technical specifications and detailed descriptions makes sense. With a landing page, you can describe in detail technical aspect which otherwise may not be possible on a homepage or inner page of  your website.

See how Creek Side Villas created a landing page to display all of their services, and how they generated great leads using the same page.

Beneficial for: Crypto, mobile devices, automobiles, technical services, Hosting & cloud services, machentronics, energy sectors, SEO etc.

Businesses with high competition

If you’re selling a product in a highly competitive market then creating a landing page to drive sales is a MUST. This will help you in capturing the attention of users looking for a product like yours – without you having to redirect them from your website’s homepage to another page on your website. They’ll directly ‘land’ on your landing page and find what they were looking for. The key is to deliver precise and quick information. If you can do that the chances of converting a sale is quite likely.

Beneficial for: Grocery, FMCG, household equipment, stationery, clothing, food, education, real estate, legal services, medical services, etc.

Creating a landing page is an important aspect for every business as it can help drive any business further. The idea is to find the purpose for creating a landing page and then using it to accomplish that purpose. It’s not difficult and can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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