How fast is your Divi website?

Imagine having to wait hours for your food at a restaurant? All the other tables are served food, your stomach growling. Ultimately, you get tired of waiting and decide to go somewhere else to eat. The case of website visitors leaving without exploring the whole page is a similar case. Nobody likes waiting, especially on the internet where one can find alternatives easily. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can be used to measure the speed of your Divi website.
Losing your visitors due to a slow loading page is not necessary. There are various things that can be done to increase the speed of Divi.  

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Looking to buy your own Divi Membership?

Buy using our link and get one Divi set up, absolutely free!

Or even better,

Save up on much and let us get the work done for you.

But, how do you measure the load time of your website? There are various tools out there that help you analyze the speed of your website, and here are a few of the best.

YSlow analyses web pages based on the high-performance rules framed by Yahoo! After analyzing the page, they also provide you with what might be slowing your website down and also summarizes the components of your website.

PageSpeed Insights also analyses the components of your website and gives you suggestions on what to do to make that page load faster. All you have to do is add the URL of the page you want to analyse.

GTmetrix is a web page speed analysing tool that uses YSlow and PageSpeed Insights. It compiles the loading time analysis result from both the test and gives you plenty of information. It also allows you to monitor the loading time and set up alerts on your conditions. GTmetrix analyses web pages in different countries, browers and connection speed and provides you with the result of the YSlow test and PageSpeed Insights result. 

Solarwinds Pingdom is another tool that analyses web pages and give you the results and some solutions to make the webpage load faster. Pingdom is one of those web page speed test tools that help you improve the load time of your website significantly. Their results are color coded according to how important it is to rectify the elements to load the website faster.

WebPageTest is a simple tool that does basic speed test and also advanced speed tests using multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking, etc. These tests can be run in various locations and the results will be provided along with a resource loading waterfall chart, page speed optimisation, etc.

Like the name symbolises, Lighthouse is a speed testing tool that will guide you into a faster loading shore. They provide insights to improve the quality of your website. Apart from speed tests they also conduct tests to audit the performance, accessibility, and SEO.  It runs a series of audits and gives you a result based on performance. Also, Lighthouse results come with a document that tells you how to fix the issue and make your website better.

While creating a website, or any designs for that matter, we always look to create a masterpiece that meets all the requirements of the client and checks everything in the Website Audit Checklist. It is important for us to make sure that the Divi website we design loads promptly to eliminate the possibilities of bouncing visitors.

Want to get your website speed measured and fixed? You are at the right place. Contact us now and get your website professionally audited.

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