Top 5 types of landing pages:  Ninja marketers use all of these to sell. How many have you used?

Top 5 types of landing pages:  Ninja marketers use all of these to sell. How many have you used?

Yes, you heard it right. Having one regular landing page has become an old show in this upcoming competitive market. Marketers and business owners are spoiled with a wide range of choices. 

Boost your campaign goals and sales by browsing and picking the ideal one from various types available at a landing page builder. 

Just like each Superhero comes with a special unique power, every business needs one particular type of landing page to fulfil its campaign goals and sales. 

For example, your business might be solely focusing on sales while the other one is looking to promote their promotion offer or simply increase their subscriber.

Getting the right landing page for your business becomes extremely important while aiming for your target audience. Get your customized landing page that perfectly fits your need– The Dreamer Designs.. A Troop of soldiers is always ready with their best designs and creative ideas to get your job perfectly done.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at the top 5 types of landing pages.

1. Lead capture landing page

Make an end to all the chasing games and get yourself a customized lead capture landing page. Just as the name says, its top priority is to capture your leads by focusing on intriguing promotions and offers. Some of its popular assets are – Ebooks, whitepapers, guides, and webinars.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads offer you maximum conversion rates. How?

It uses lead capture landing pages as its destination point. Thus, you are not left with any alternative path but to submit your information. 

Bonus points are strong self-explanatory headlines, stunning visuals, and prominent CTAs. Also, always ask for the exact information you need from your leads– name, email, company name, job title, etc.

2. Click-through landing page

Every hero needs a mentor that bridges the link between him and his final mission. Running on the same grounds, a click-through landing page acts as a middleman between an ad and your e-commerce store.

It entices visitors with detailed information regarding an offer or promotion to get them “click-through” to a transaction or conversion page.

How it is effective?

Users will become familiarized with a service or feature without being pressured to buy immediately. This will give them time to know your brand better before making a choice. Thus, building a long-term relationship with you.

3. Splash landing page

Something sudden and surprising? Something flashy yet subtle? Something that can instantly attract a great deal of attention? A splash landing page.

It flashes on the screen just before the user expects to arrive at their end destination. This unexpected appearance instantly grabs their attention. It’s not your regular landing page, focusing on conversion but rather on fulfilling a specific goal.

Its true purpose is to either make an announcement or sometimes ask about a visitor’s age or language preference to direct them to enter the site eventually. Design studios – The Dreamer Designs inculcates a pool of the best creative and designing talent to get you your little copy.

4. Squeeze the landing page

A true SuperHero is never at rest. With little time in hand and many goals to achieve, sometimes it becomes important to be direct and on the point. Here squeeze landing page comes in handy.

Just as the name suggests, straight to the point– squeeze out the information you need from a visitor. 

Wait, do not confuse a squeeze landing page with a lead capture page. 

Unlike the latter one, it is typically shorter and refrains from using any images or text – less educating and more driving in sales.

It demands minimal investment with great results. It can be used while offering appointment booking services to visitors claiming offers in exchange for information. 

5. Product landing page

Are you looking for a homepage that focuses your visitor’s attention on a specific product upon landing on your domain? You should go for product landing pages. 

It completely breaks down the product’s anatomy, usage, and features.

But how to decide which product is best to go with your product landing page? A thorough review is made on your website to get hold of the most searched product with the maximum number of visitors. 

You can even appoint a special analyst and designer from The Dreamer Designs to get the job done most professionally and swiftly with maximum results. The team can change your marketing and sales performance with the taste of rich and premium themes and graphics. 


No one-size-fits-all landing page design will work for all products and services. While planning your digital marketing campaign, it’s best to seek a mentor and expertise to guide and build your perfect landing page. 

Who can be better than the king of designing and marketing– The Dreamer Designs!

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