WordPress v/s Unbounce v/s HTML– Which One to Choose?

WordPress v/s Unbounce v/s HTML– Which One to Choose?

Do you run your own blog, own a small business, a photographer, or a freelance artist – there are many website builder tools out there to cater to your individual needs. Finding clients and boosting your sales becomes easy when you go with the best website builder. To get your website build professionally and quickly, you can refer to professional coders at The Dreamer Designs. The team has expertise in HTML, Unbounce, WordPress, Wp bakery, elementor, Divi, and many more. 

But now the question arises, which one is the best?

After years of experience in website building and scrutinizing all the possible pros and cons, we have come up with the top three best website builders– WordPress, Unbounce, and HTML. 

Choosing among the cream part of the lot can be difficult. This is exactly why we are here to do a quick analysis of each of them to decide the best one for you. 

WordPress v/s Unbounce v/s HTML 

Is coding not your cup of tea? No issues; WordPress does not demand coding to get started with your website. It is a content management system, a.k.a CMS, through which you can build, monitor, and modify (as per demand) by using a user-friendly admin area. Your big companies like Sony Music, CNN Press Room, and Microsoft News are powered by WordPress. It is stated that WordPress rules over 40% of the entire internet. 

Massive, isn’t it?

On the other hand, Unbounce is the most efficient DIY landing page platform on the internet. Something which was solely started to focus on landing pages now functions as your website builder. It integrates versatile branding and promotion tools to get you rolling on the same project.  

If you get a kick in creating and building things by yourself, Unbounce can be a perfect option. It offers you self-serve host services for you to build, post, and evaluate without any developer’s help.

What’s more? 

It has ample themes and setups for landing pages, pop-ups, sticky bars, web forms, and other related website features. One of the major similarities between Unbounce and WordPress is– that no coding is required.

Last but not least comes your HTML. For building a website, you need to combine HTML with CSS and JavaScript. Your HTML will only create a rough gist of the website, which will be further improved and amplified via  CSS and JavaScript– making it more dynamic and versatile. Sounds fascinating, right? But if you have never coded before, working on HTML from scratch can be difficult. 

Want to get your website built via HTML? You can find some exclusive services offered by a trained team of coders at The Dreamer Designs to get your job done quickly and professionally. 

Want to know one interesting fact?

You can combine WordPress and HTML to build a static website. Monitor your content smoothly via WordPress while you publish everything as static HTML. What benefit it will provide? Page load speed will be as fast as The Flash.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room! 

Which one is better?

Website Builder WordPress  Unbounce HTML
Top Features
  • Flexibility
  • Publishing Tools
  • User Management
  • Garantuees full security
  • Unlimited template options
  • Drag & Drop
  • Fast Page design
  • Form Builder
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Ability to utilize A B testing
  • User-Friendly
  • Offer semantic structure
  • Comes with localStorage and sessionStorage
  • Platform Independent


There is no doubt three of them – HTML, Unbounce, and WordPress stands strong in their respective fields. Each of these builders is unique in its way, with the best features suiting the individual needs and requirements.